Conversations with Luke Stackpoole (@withluke)

08 May 2023
Teardrop Hotels

Teardrop Hotels had the pleasure of hosting the incredible travel photographer Luke Stackpoole on his first journey through Sri Lanka. In this interview, Luke shares favourite moments from his trip, along with some stunning captures from around our island.

Luke Stackpoole


Why was Sri Lanka on your bucket list?

Some of my fellow creators had visited Sri Lanka before and had told me all about the beautiful landscapes, incredible hospitality and yummy food, so I knew I had to make a visit this year!

Gangaramaya Temple | Credit – Luke Stackpoole


Having now travelled, what surprised you most about the country?

I would say the warm welcome we received and smiles and greetings from every single person we met. It’s not often when I visit a country that I’m greeted in such a way, perhaps by a few people but not in such a genuine and pleasant way.

Did you encounter any issues or difficulties along the way?

No difficulties actually, apart from a slight language barrier at times, it’s a really easy country to travel through and Teardrop makes this seamless.

Hill country in Sri Lanka.  | Credit – Luke Stackpoole


What did you enjoy most about staying with Teardrop Hotels?

I would say the access that the hotels provide to these stunning destinations, whether it’s the idyllic beachfront at Kumu Beach, to the tea plantations of Camellia Hills, it’s a real treat being with Teardrop.

What was your favourite Teardrop property and why?

My favourite would have to be Kumu Beach, just because of how stunning the view is out onto the ocean, the beautifully large heated pool and the great mango juice!

Aerial view of Kumu Beach in Balapitiya | Credit – Luke Stackpoole

What was the highlight of your trip?

Getting to see the baby turtles near Kumu Beach, we got to hold them and see how they are cared for in the sanctuary before being released into the wild! Amazing.

Where was nature at its best?

I would say at Camellia Hills or Nine Skies, we saw so much bird life, as well as monkeys, it felt like we were in a tropical paradise.

Aerial view of the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella | Credit – Luke Stackpoole


What were you pleased you captured on camera? And how did that moment come about?

I would have to say the Macaque monkeys – the babies are absolutely gorgeous!

A Macaque monkey in Sri Lanka | Credit – Luke Stackpoole


What three things should a photographer pack?

A macro lens could be very interesting in Sri Lanka, but perhaps a telephoto, extra SD cards and don’t forget a tripod for those sunsets!

What would you say to anyone thinking about visiting Sri Lanka?

Do it without hesitation, you’ll have a fantastic time if you choose the right month to visit!

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